Discovering Our Coasts Project

15 May 2017 Categories: News

Discovering Our Coasts Project

The Discovering Our Coasts Project aims to provide local young people (aged 14-25) with the opportunity to discover the Ceredigion coast and to develop key skills through a range of coastal events such as Marine Biologist Day’s, Dolphin Survey Picnics and though volunteering at CBMWC.

The volunteering opportunities avaliable to young people will include a range of activities from land based marine mammal surveys to conducting beach cleans, running educational events and inpsiring people through the CBMWC visitor centre.

As the Living Seas Science Officer, Sarah Perry leads the Wildlife Trusts marine team based at the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre and has been involved in marine conservation in the area for almost 15 years. “The Wildlife Trusts Living Seas work is vital for securing a healthy marine environment for future generations and young people are the future guardians of our seas. This project aims to inspire young people about the marine environment on their doorstep, to encourage them to explore their local area and to become involved in marine conservation now and in the future.”

Overseeing the project is Living Seas Volunteer Coordinator, Laura Evans who orginally joined the team at CBMWC as a volunteer in March 2015.  

“We’re looking to work with young people who are interested in marine conservation, environmental education or who just wish to become involved in their local communtiy”

“Volunteering is a great way to gain and devlop skills and can help you get into work or into futher education. I wouldn’t be where I am now without the experience I gained as a volunteer at CBMWC!”

Full training will be provided by the Living Seas experts at CBMWC and you don’t need a background in science to become involved. Volunteering at CBMWC is a fantastic opportunity for you to gain new skills, contribute towards marine conservation and experience our amazing marine life.

If you would like to become involved then please contact Laura on 

Living Seas Volunteers conducting Dolphin Watch surveys on New Quay harbour wall

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